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White Structure
Labour department addressing
Giant Heart with stakeholders in Career Exhibition
Attendees for Career Exhibition
Database capturing for Career Exhibition


Giant Heart Targeted Cornubia, KwaMashu, Umlazi and Chatsworth for  Career Exhibition

Our target group would be Unemployed Graduates and Out of school Youth, at least those who have Grade 10, 11 and 12. Graduates that will be invited and those who want to divert their Careers. Youth who also want to start their small and CO- Ops are more than welcome.

Youth will have opportunity to be captured in Labour Department and Durban Municipality database and some will have an opportunity for Agricultural diploma course with Imbewu Community Development.

We need to stand up and put our hands together in fight against Gender Based Violence in our country. This is a serious issue that the world is facing, and we have to educate residence so that they can see it's development in our households before it even goes to the public. 

Social Development
Law enforcement for gender based violence
Giant Heart Chairperson in Gender Based Violence
SAPS in Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence Campaign 

Cornubia indoor sports
Event preperations
2nd runners
Medals after a hard work

Cornubia indoors league launch

Indoors soccer league was launched in Cornubia indoors sports. This was a great success by ward 102 sport committee in partner with Giant Heart, Safer Cities, ABM. This programme aims on fighting drugs and crime in the community and develop talent to young kids. 

Cornubia champions
Crowning the winner
trophy for indoor sports
Showing us a prize 
recieving of medals
Receiving medals
Giant Heart with Civic Association
taking a day with people with disability

Commemorating People With Disability

Show them love, tell them "we love you"

Welbidacht Civic Association, EMAP and Giant Heart took a moment to commemorate people with disability in Welbedacht East in Chatsworth. 

It is important to take time and spend with those who are going through some difficulties due to their state of health and show them love make them see that they are not forgotten, and they are not alone. 

Brighten Beach Clean Up

Brighten Beach clean up

Giant Heart was out to join other organizations

for a beach clean up. This was a good initiative  

in keeping our beaches clean and encourage 

others to join hands in keeping our places clean 

Brighten Beach Clean up
Brighten Beach clean up
Pink Sugar

Giant Heart Community Services 

Community League Launch 

crowning of champions
Chatsworth Sport Event

Its been an exiting moment after community soccer and netball play grounds were prepared for a league launch that was hosted by Giant Heart. The event was also sponsored by Ashram. Winners were crowned but that was just the beginning as more fields will be opened for community league.   

issueing of trophies


Safer Cities with Giant Heart
Area Based Managment with Giant Heart

Sport is another weapon to fight drugs, crime and also develop talent and give health and wellness. Cornubia Sport Committee, Giant Heart, Safer Cities give a platform for such great initiative to Cornubia residents.  

Cornubia Sport Committee with Giant Heart
Cornubian young cyclests
Bicycle competition
Local committee with Giant Heart
White Structure

Welbidacht Sport event

Welbidacht sports
Netball with Giant Heart
Welbidacht Sports
Issueing of medals
Welbidacht soccer


A big up to Welbeducht residents after showing support to a sport event that was 

meant to reduce youth on the streets and give a platform to sustainable 

sport activities in the community. 


DSW Law enforcement, Operational and Education in action with Giant Heart and Safer Citie


Drugs campaign with Safer Cities
Ingoma on drugs campaign

it is up to you and I to get 

involve in a fight against

dungs and save lives of young children 

Use of drugs and alcohol is a serious issue that affects our community. Giant Heart and Safer Cities takes an initiative to fight against drugs which has bad effects to our youth. We must always finds some ways to educate and created activities that will minimize chances of youth for getting involve in drugs activities. 

clean up with correctional services

Being Hands-On

Being giant-hearted will means you must always lead the community by example and be always in a hands-on team. You need not wait for someone to do it but find ways to lead. 

Cleaning road cyles 


Changing waste to income through recycling

Cornubia Clean up campaign
Intergration of inmates with DCS

Clearing illegal dumping zones

DSW with Giant Heart

DSW joining a winning team

A team that make changes

Workshop with DSW

Keep your place clean

As Giant Heart our health movement is to encourage people to always keep their place clean and help them to achieve a better stay. Through educational programs and be physically hands-on to change the environment we are leaving in.

With our partners, we are willing to timeously visit residents for guidance and offer resources to achieve better environmental stay. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Shadow on Concrete Wall


This was a campaign on drugs issues that affect our youth in society. The aim was to develop programs that will help children to keep them away from the streets and introduce productive initiatives with the help of different stakeholders. 

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